Sunday, June 17, 2012

Antonio de la Malena, double album (2 CDs) - the real thing

WHAT THE CRITICS SAY about the CDs:    para español: 

The double CD is "the exact peak of maturity, and artistic and professional mastery...."
                                                                     David Montes, Flamencomanía  (Jan. 2013)

The album release was  "A brilliant performance by Antonio Malena who displayed mastery in everything he sang.
                                                                                      Juan Garrido, Diario de Jerez (Feb. 2013)

"...a cantaor (flamenco singer) who...has reached the height of his album to listen to and enjoy - the purest and most perfect flamenco...."
                                                                      Fran Pereira, (Nov. 2012)

"...powerful, expressive and moving flamenco cante,...the double CD has the essential freedom of expression that good flamenco needs"
                                                    Therese Vasilly Saba,  MyFlamencoDiary  (Nov. 2012)

purchase - North America

Antonio de la Malena in concert in Peña la Trilla, Trebujena, Spain. (guitarist Malena Hijo)

purchase - Europe


"...his expressive cante...[and]...his career as a soloist...include ample presence in festivals, several international tours, and two other CDs..."
                                                                      www, (Dec. 2012)

“…a cantaor who knows his stuff and was at his best….”
   (Aug. 2012)

“An excellent recital…growing better at each moment…a splendid night.”
            Fran Pereira, (Oct. 2010)

“His recital…was a memorable experience,…greatly appreciated by the audience.”
            Antonio Nuñez, Diario deJerez (Aug. 2010)

Music video for the double CD.